Vehicle Monitoring Systems

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The Bio Vehicle has been designed to give fleet manager more control of the drivers and which vehicles they operate. The STT Bio Vehicle allows only an authorized driver/operator to start and operate the vehicle or machinery he has been authorized to use. The template is sent to the unit installed in the vehicle via the GSM network.

The STT Bio Vehicle System offers:

  • Only authorized use of vehicle or machinery by drivers and operators
  • Duress Fingerprint
  • Tamper Alarm
  • Alcohol Breathalyzer Interlock
  • CCTV Video Capture
  • GSM communication
  • Wi-Fi communication
  • Plug into existing technology – Vehicle Tracking Systems
  • Time and Attendance
  • Access Control

How it works:

The STT Bio Vehicle fingerprint biometrics device is linked to the ignition switch of the vehicle. An authenticated fingerprint scan by an authorized driver will allow the vehicle to be started.

Additional biometric and proximity units can be added to perform functions such as time and attendance recording, accessing restricted doors on vehicle, switching on lighting or alarms etc…

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